Field Bred Golden Retrievers

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Field Bred Golden Retriever

What is a field bred golden retriever? How are they different from any other golden retriever? Is a field bred golden right for me?

The term “field bred golden retriever” is used mainly to describe the selective pedigrees used with golden retriever breeding. The field line pedigrees, sometimes referred to as “working golden retrievers”, are pedigrees that have been selected based on desired traits in a golden that would be used for hunting or working.

Those attributes include, but are not limited to, energy, drive, desire to please, biddable, and athleticism. Field goldens are smaller in body size and have shorter fur. Because of their desire to work, field bred goldens are often used in hunting and retrieving upland game, waterfowl, shed antlers, agility, dock diving, and search and rescue. Also, they are highly motivated to work, and do well with people that spend lots of time outdoors to exercise, swim, and play. Being “mouthy”, with the desire to hold things in their mouth, and retrieve non-stop is another common characteristic.

Like all goldens, they are extremely loving and personal. They are excited to meet new people and enjoy socializing.

When selling our puppies we give first priority to homes where the puppy will have outdoor time. Owners should spend time hiking, running, swimming, exercising, hunting, or fishing with their new field golden. You can meet our dogs here or learn about upcoming litters here.